Sunday, July 25, 2010


I do not know why I was so surprised.  I have encountered nothing but kindness and support all along this nutty, twisty, yellow bricked writing road.  But this past week has been different.  This week has been yellow roses in a wicker basket, sunshine week.  The book trailer, so generously created with such care and love by such an extraordinary friend, made the release sooner, realer, bigger, shinier, and funner, as my sister used to say.

Now it involves everyone.  I love that.  My dear friend Adriana pre ordered five copies for her book club--even though her wedding is three weeks away and she has so many zillions of things to think about.  Amber (her wedding is 108 days away) pre ordered some for her husband to be and family.  My mom pre ordered six and then pressed the 'I want to read it on Kindle button" eleven times.  Everyone I bump into in Hanalei has looked up the book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  A boy I had a crush on when I was fourteen shrieked "Great cover!" from across the road at the beach today.  I had no idea he knew I was writing a book and I haven't seen him since I got my braces off.  And lovely, lovely, steadfast friends from the Plum Bean pre ordered and pressed the button and looked up the book and want to set up blog tour interviews--amazing.

It has been one of those really special weeks of everyone checking in.  Wonderful friends who forgive me for falling off the planet wrote to electronically bounce up and down with glee.  My sweet friend Gersande from high school, who I have not seen in nearly twenty years (more Priya moving to distant lands and falling off the planet) wrote to all her friends announcing the book.  My beloved, angelic friend Jack and his wonderful, wonderful wife Jess had a baby boy this week and he still checked in to bounce up and down.  It has been an extraordinary, brown shoulder, blue water, white wave, yellow sun, buoyant, floaty, fizzy, happy week.  And I have been so moved.  Thank you.


  1. Oh Priya I am SO happy for all the wonderful happy things happening to you right now! But I'm not surprised since you are a wonderful person and Karma has that you shall attract just as much good as you give. Enjoy it and I'm sure it will get even better! :-)

    Sending your way many congratulory hugs!

    :-) Stella

  2. stella what a lovely lovely lovely thing to say. thank you!

  3. Actually, Priya, I am not surprised that you're surprised, because in the way of my favourite kind of people, you seem quite unaware of your own charm and light, and the way your warmth proves so contagious. I'm almost loath to point it out to you, so I'll just say you seem like someone who'd move your beach towel over the sand in order to invite a stranger to share your radiant patch of sun. That's what we're all doing - simply accepting your lovely invitation.

  4. I predict you will be in for so much more surprises!!!!

  5. doctordi, you wrote my own thoughts more eloquently than i ever could. :) priya, so many many heartfelt congratulations - not just for the book, but for all that surrounds it!!!

  6. doctordi, you are such a beautiful writer. thank you, that was a beautiful note to leave me. i am so touched.

    book quoter, hard to imagine! it has been so much fun already!

    ariel, i know--isn't she a terrific writer? ariel, you are such a sweetie. love you xx

  7. It means so much that you think so, Priya - thanks (again). But enough of that, I'm only getting embarrassed (although thanks to you too, Ariel, because it's lovely knowing one's happiest sentiments are shared).


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