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Exit the Actress: A Novel [Paperback]

Priya Parmar (Author)

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Editorial Reviews


A real triumph….A vivid imagining of the restoration London of Charles II with Nell Gwynn as a powerful and engaging heroine set in the busy world of the theater. This debut novel captures the glamorous world of the amoral court and the struggle of the city. Priya Parmar is a writer to watch.”—Philippa Gregory
Author of The Other Boleyn Girl

“Nell is irrepressible, spunky, delightful: who wouldn’t fall in love with her? Her story unfolds through diary entries, letters, news announcements, recipes. It¹s a tasty and often amusing confection, sure to please. I absolutely adored it.”
—Sandra Gulland, author of the Josephine B. Trilogy and Mistress of the Sun

Product Description

"A triumph" says Philippa Gregory, of this debut novel about the life of the legendary 17th century actress and mistress of Charles II, Nell Gwyn.

Product Details

  • Paperback: 464 pages
  • Publisher: Touchstone; Original edition (February 1, 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1439171173

I just found this! You can pre-order Nell!  Exit the Actress will be released on February 1, 2011!  You can ask to read it on a Kindle.  You can put it in a cart.  You can buy it for a mouse.  You can put it in a house.  Nell loves to eat green eggs and ham.     

I love that they included the wonderful, warm generous quotes.  I love that it will be out before my birthday.  I love that my mom just ordered two copies.  
Now it is getting real...


  1. OMG! Congrats, that's amazing!!

  2. Oooh. You're a real, live author. Congrats doesn't sound good enough. Okay. "It's super freaking awesome," said June in her best YA voice! All the very best Priya!

  3. When do we get to see the cover art?

  4. beth, leanna, june g--thank you! so so so exciting!

    kathy, i am not sure. galleys come out in august so maybe then?

  5. Congratulations - you must be very excited!!

  6. Priya, I'm overjoyed for you. Next stop, Amazon. I love the one-click!

  7. thank you! i am so excited to share it with you guys. it feels like i have such a great team!

  8. Priya, that is absolutely fantastic and THRILLING, congratulations! And those reviews - this is just wonderful, and let the countdown begin...

  9. doctordi, thank you for the all caps cheer! wish i knew how to create one of those countdown buttons!

  10. How exciting! I can't wait to read it! Congratulations to you - I hope you are celebrating! :)

  11. Priya, that's so wonderful and exciting! Congratulations & well done & I'm really happy for you! (Don't care if exclamation marks are a no-no!!! ;-) ) Love from London x

  12. YAY!!!!!!!!!! (and no, i am not misusing exclamation points!!!!!!) i am going to order copies! hooray!

  13. YAY!! Congratulations Priya!! Wow, that must be breathtaking seeing your book listed on Amazon! wow!! and another WOW! You got such a recommendation from Philippa Gregory! I'm sure many historical novel lovers will take up your book because of her stamp.

    Wow, I'm so so happy for you!! :-D *hugs*

  14. Fantastic news to find your book is available on
    Will I find it on
    Did you know that Philippa Gregory is really the only historical novelist that I read! Praise from her I think therefore is praise indeed.

  15. Oh my good gracious me! I am ridiculously excited for you! WOW! Oooh - I want to know about UK release! I need it, I need it! 17th century is MY THING. Aaah I need it.

    And what wonderful quotes. You must be so pleased and so proud!

  16. kate, thank you! i celebrated with a nap and an ice cream cone!

    mademoiselle poirot, in this case i love exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!

    ariel, yay! mama just ordered 6! do you know people have to buy/order something like between 2500-4000 in the first week to make it a bestseller? yikes! maybe wait until the first week!

    lindy lou mac, the uk rights have not been sold yet. yes, her books are fantastic and she is wonderful and has been unbelievably supportive and kind the whole way through!

    bethany, so glad you like the 17th c! not sure about a uk release but amazon ships to uk right? will let you know when more rights sell!

    thank you so much everybody! your encouragement is amazing!

  17. JUST FOUND IT AT BARNES AND NOBLE.COM AND BORDERS.COM TOO! getting really really real....

  18. I wanted to let you know that as of this morning on Amazon, you have cover art!

  19. I just went to Amazon. The cover art is atmospheric and lush...mmm...lovely...

  20. Words cannot describe how amazing this is! I think a round of applause is in order. Also, I love the cover art, it's really eye-catching.

  21. I agree - what a lush, enticing cover! I've never been able to watch the process unfolding like this before - it's really magical!

  22. Ohmigod! That's amazing! I can't even begin to imagine how exciting this is for you! *claps*

    I love the cover too! The colours are so rich!

  23. june g and whitney, so happy you guys like the cover! makes me so happy! whitney, thank you for the applause!

    doctordi, it is a totally new experience for me too!

    beth, thank you! so glad you like the cover!

  24. Wow, Priya! So exciting to see this and can't wait to read it.

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  26. weird, I left a comment yesterday but it seems to have disappeared. It's also on Baker & Taylor's website, and I'll bet it's on Ingram's too. I also found it on Do you have the back cover copy yet? There's not much in the way of description out there.

  27. Fèlicitations Priya! How exciting for you. I wish you every success that you so richly deserve!
    I will definitely get a copy, will it be available in France?
    I am so happy for you!


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