Friday, July 9, 2010

Sandy Feet, Left Turns and Cherries on Top

How delicious.  The wonderful Kate from Kate's Library gave me this perfectly pink, frosted cup cakey, perfect for a Friday award.  People are lovely aren't they?  Every so often that thought strikes me.

Yesterday I had to make a left turn.  I dislike left turns and will go long distances to avoid them.  They give me the same feeling I had in fourth grade when I had to stand up and recite a poem in French--everyone watching, sure I will get it wrong, yuck.  But yesterday, as I waited in the middle of the intersection, starting to panic,  a very nice old man in an enormous monster, fire breathing red, behemoth truck, staved off the oncoming hoards and cleared a place for me to go.  

It is Hawaiian custom to wave to anyone on the road who has helped you: people waiting at the other side of a one lane bridge, people who let you in, and people who help you turn left.  Actually you also wave to people you know, people you might know, people who drive the same car as people you know, grandmothers of people you know, and anyone who waves at you.  You end up waving a lot.   This man blew me a kiss and shouted, "Ya, you go get em".  He shouted in pigeon, the local dialect, and it sounded like a cheerleading cheer.  People are lovely.

So the Cherry on Top Award Rules:

I must:

1. Thank the person who gave it to me.

2. List three things I love about myself.

3. Post a photo that I love.

I already left her a note but just in case: Thank you Kate!

Three things:
1. I can swim underwater a long, long way.
2. I can jump off a cliff.
3. I can listen tot he same song eleven times in a row.

I have a friend who says, "Ah but can you do this?" and twirls around.  I can't do that.

So?  Five Blogs?  Can I do three and save two?  One rainy day there will be a saved award fiesta at the plum bean.


Doctordi: for fearless honesty.

Whitney at She is to Fond of Books: for delightful insights.

Lindy Lou Mac at Lindy Lou Mac's Book Reviews for her wonderful reviews in wonderful lands.

A photo that I love?


  1. Avoiding left turns, what a laugh, you better move to the UK permanently, although then you would be trying to avoid right turns!

    Oh my I have just spotted my name here! What an honour that you consider me worthy of this award Priya. I do not want to appear ungrateful but am trying to avoid getting caught up in all this award lark, so you might want to award it to someone else, as I will be a party pooper by not passing it on. All I will do if it is Ok with you is link back to this post at the bottom of my last review? Or you can remove me altogether if you prefer.

  2. Congrats on the beautiful award!

  3. oh i miss kind old men in monster trucks shouting out sweet things in pigeon! they changed my stereotype of men in monster trucks when i lived in hawaii! thank you for bringing me back there with this post!!

    ps - in boston it is customary, as i finally figured out after many near accidents, for drivers making left turns to go FIRST, cutting off everyone and anyone who may get in their path, even those with the legal right of way. if you don't make your left the SECOND the light changes to green, you are honked at by all of boston. do not ever drive there, you will be terrified!

  4. lindy lou mac: i have enormous respect for party poopers and am very happy for you to do whatever you like with the award!

    letter4no1: thank you!

    ariel: mainland driving is so scary! boston driving sounds utterly impossible. do you remember the red volvo in the snow in college? xx

  5. Priya, you are a dear, only a party pooper re awards, love real parties :)
    I have commented and acknowledged over on my blog now, thanks for your latest comment, always so much appreciated.

  6. you always have the best posts! so fun and interesting! congratulations on your award ~ most deserving!!!

  7. Congratulations on your award. I too can listen to a song over and over :). I need to work on adding a twril!

    I have faced several left turns recently, keep smiling - it's the best thing you can do! Thanks my philosophy :)

  8. That photo makes me happy in my heart.

    And thanks, Priya, for honouring me with this award, but it's not fearless honesty, I can assure you. I'm afraid I quake, stumble and misfire in what is largely a doomed attempt to get it right.

  9. lindy lou mac, thank you!

    stacy, that is so sweet of you! have i ever told that i love your profile, button, thumbnail picture? actually i love everybody's who left comments today--wow that sentence was a grammatic train wreck.

    mari, i need to keep smiling and learn to twirl too!

    doctordi, however you get there, your writing rings with clear, bright truth once you do!

  10. Thank you, honey.

  11. You are just too sweet, and what a cute award! Thank you.


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