Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lovely People

Exit the Actress: A Novel

Here is the cover!  It is ready for pre-order on, and!  When it says that 'someone who bought this book also bought', Philippa Gregory's The White Queen (such a marvellous book) and Barbara Kingsolver's The Lacuna--that 'someone' would be my mom.  She had a pre-ordering fiesta yesterday.  

I have beet dragging my little brown feetsies today as I did not want to write a new post.  I want to keep up yesterday's post for yesterday's comments.  I loved what everyone wrote yesterday.  No, loved is the right word but the wrong word.  I was astounded.  The encouragement, affection, sincerity, support and generosity of spirit knocked me over.  
I have never written anything that sailed under my own colors.  I have always edited or assisted or co-written or ghost written.  I have been half-lit, half-shadowed, tucked away, out of sight--safe.  It is a wooden raft, open sea, sharky sort of scary to do this.  It is my name on the book--twice.  Yikes.  Yesterday made me feel like I had thirty people on the wooden raft with me.  It felt like the 'When You're a Jet' song from West Side Story.  We are setting sail together.  It feels so much better.  


  1. Oh my, I think I have found a new historical novelist that I will actually enjoy. She must be good with a recommendation from the Queen of historical fiction quoted on the cover. :)

    I wonder who she can be? I will have to wait to order until avl in Europe so do keep us informed Priya.

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous! Sincere congratulations. Really look forward to the UK release.

  3. Priya, I have already placed my pre-order on Amazon. The book cover looks beautiful; I know it will be a success!

  4. lyndsey, thank you! i will let you know as soon as there is any progress on the uk rights front!

    lisa, you have? you are the first person not related to me to order it! thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Yay! Cover art! August has come early. ;) I want to preorder but I also want to get free shipping, and I don't want to have to wait that long to get whatever I order along with your book. :) I saw what you posted about sales needed to achieve bestseller status--won't preorders count towards the first week of sales?

  6. WOW! That is amazing, and the cover is gorgeous. I can't wait!

  7. Hi Priya! I pre-ordered mine as well... I can't wait to read it! The cover is so beautiful!

    Congratulations again, I'm so excited for you!

  8. I love the cover of this book and it sounds really interesting. That is fantastic that Philippa Gregory said such nice things about you and your book. I will be sure to read it when it is published next year. Congratulations!

  9. Now, Priya, I should tell you now that I don't buy online unless I can't GET the book in a bookstore, because I just love that whole sensory physical experience too much to give it up, but I'll eagerly await Exit the Actress's release in Australia, unless you tell me it's not coming out here (can't imagine that, it seems destined for greatness), in which case your novel will mark my first 'pre-release' purchase!

  10. we are all on the wooden raft with you!!

    i will preorder a copy now and then order more when it comes out! so proud of you!! i have been telling everyone!

  11. something i just thought of, looking again at the beautiful cover - is it odd for you to see an actual PERSON who for all intents and purposes supposed to be your heroine in the book? i always wonder about this when picking up a book with a cover that shows a person or people / faces that are supposed to represent the character(s)... for me, as a reader it becomes the image of the actual person, but that must be odd for the writer since the person has probably been visualized now for years in the writer's head. same with movies portraying characters in a book. must be strange!

  12. Wow! Congratulations Priya, the cover is wonderful, I LOVE it! :-)

  13. Beautiful! I'm so thrilled for you. Now I need to find my way to yesterday's post...

  14. Priya! So excited and happy for you. You're about to set your baby free in the world. Love the cover and can't wait to read it. Well done!


  15. sorry for taking ages to write back everybody. i am by nature a bit of a klutz and i fell down some stairs and knocked my head so the computer screen has been a bit of a fuzzy, jumping challenge. am fine now but please forgive any and all typos!

    kathy, definitely wait to buy it! i would never be able to wait for books!

    faith, thank you!

    kate, yippee! so glad you ordered one!

    christina t, that makes me so happy! philippa gregory was gracious and helpful and generous throughout this process. her words mean the world to me. so glad you are going to read it!

    doctordi, i totally understand. unless it is a must get all christmas presents at once because i am disorganised situation, i usually prefer to noodle around a bookstore. i hope it is in a store near you!

    ariel, you are an angel--and a perceptive angel at that. it was strange. but the cover is hopefully meant to evoke a time and place and atmosphere around a person rather than the woman herself? does that sound absurd? xx

    stella, thank you! i am so pleased you like it!

    caroline, thank you! when is your pub date? must be getting close!

    anna, i know! i am of course worried that she will get bullied at school and forget her umbrella. xx

  16. COngrats Priya!
    The cover looks absolutely beautiful!
    Can't wait to read it and heard about your journey via Bibliophiac! Very estatic and happy for you.
    Let me know who I can write to for an ARC and will feature it on Aisle B. If not heck will rush to pre order for the grand opening!


  17. aisle b, i am so pleased! i forwarded your request for an arc (but i think we have something else... something i cannot remember the name of... instead or arcs) on to touchstone fireside, simon and schuster. i have not been assigned a publicity person yet but will be soon! i am so happy you cheering for nell!

  18. YES! Beautiful cover! When can I get this in the UK?!

    It's your turn to shine! Your turn to grab the literary limelight. Exit the actress, cause this writer is stepping onto the stage.

    I'm so thrilled for you, and I can't wait to read!

  19. Priya, that cover looks beautiful. I'm looking forward to getting my hands on it, read it from cover to cover and tell people "I "know" her, from her blog..." ;-) I know, it sounds sad... I'm really happy for you. Have a great weekend, Love from London x

  20. bethany, thank you! not sure about uk release as foreign rights haven't been sold. that is such a lovely thing to say.

    mademoiselle poirot, you can definitely tell people that! so glad you are going to read it! coming to london soon and will hopefully come and see you at your market! x

  21. Oh Priya the cover is beautiful! It looks like my kind of book!
    Now that I'm caught up again...I got behind in visits to blog friends, but should be back on schedule.
    Fèlicitations once again!

  22. thank you mimi! so excited for you to read it!

  23. did I miss this!? The cover is absolutely gorgeous and definitely the kind that one would want to buy, if just for the pretty cover.

    I loved Philippa Gregory's The White Queen and a recommendation of sorts from her is amazing. Congrats :)

  24. kals, so glad you love it! philippa gregory's big quote is on the back. they just put an excerpt on the front. i loved the white queen too!

  25. Wow! I absolutely love the cover!! Congrats on the book! I'm so excited to read more about Nell Gwynne!!


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