Thursday, July 1, 2010

Brightly Blue

So I am reading the House at Riverton.  Beautiful, gripping, atmospheric stuff.  I feel a bit bad as I assigned my student Middlemarch.  As he will learn from Middlemarch: such is the way of things.  I did give him Brideshead Revisited (I sent him on a bit of a Catholic author, Graham Greene/Evelyn Waugh adventure) before I sent him spiraling into the 19th century.  And I will shore him up with Hemingway once he is done.

My other student is about to enter the violent stormy heart of Wuthering Heights as an antidote to her summer reading of I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings--a gorgeous, raw nerve, screeching tire sort of story.  Only Emily Bronte will be able to move her out of the desperate South.

I, meanwhile am wandering through the early 20th century countryside with Kate Morton.  It is strangely at odds with the bright blue water and pale yellow beach.  But perfect too.  When I look up from the misted walkways and the rustle of silk, I am here.  The sunny blue water is extra splashy, extra bright, the sand is extra sandy, the salt is extra tart and the great, green turtles are extra turtley in comparison.


  1. I read this two years ago but will be so interested to read what you think of it Priya.
    The House at Riverton by Kate Morton

    Don't feel bad as I think it may well be a classic of the future? Middlemarch, Brideshead Revisited and Wuthering Heights are also favourites of mine.

    The beach sounds heavenly.

  2. I love extra turtley turtles. ;)

    I have a copy of The House at Riverton on its way to me right now! Of course it will be months before I get around to reading it, I'm sure, as I am currently suffering from TMB syndrome. (That would be Too Many Books. It's a good disease to have).

    Have you read Morton's The Forgotten Garden? That's another of hers that I'd like to read.

  3. i just read and loved your review! thank you!

    i love eliot, bronte and waugh, but middlemarch as a highschooler, the first time round was tough going!

  4. I loved The House At Riverton. I hope you do too.

  5. kathy, i do too! both--love turtles and have too many books!

    i loved the forgotten garden. the secret garden was one of my favorite books growing up and it echoes with that story. it was haunting and very fresh all at the same time.

  6. Even your posts have an atmospheric lilt to them! I bought the Secret Garden recently from a thrift shop. I've really got to read this book.

  7. you are so sweet june! my grandmother--and today would have been her birthday--read me the secret garden. when she was done, i paused for about thirty seconds and said 'read it again.' and she did.

  8. i have a stack of books to read (my mother now sends me 5 or so books a month from her "i don't need to hang onto this anymore" pile). but your summer reading assignments sound wonderful! i will have to acquire some of those books myself. i loved the nell gwyn entry so much!

  9. Turtles! I'd find it hard concentrating on whatever I was reading - even these heavy-hitters - if I knew there were TURTLES nearby!!!

  10. ariel, i love that you mom sends you books! so glad you liked it. was worried it was too serious/sentimental.

    doctordi, love turtles.

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