Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dancing Nell and the Second Book

A funny thing has happened.  There is a before and an after.  Exit the Actress came out a month ago today. Before it came out, my second book felt like a far away thing; like a flower that lived on a star.  No one was asking about it as Nell was still waiting in the wings, fixing her hair, brushing her teeth and changing her dancing slippers.  Now Nell is in full swing and having a marvellous time at her party.  She sends a kiss and gives me a look as if to say "You can go.  Don't wait up."  Her dance card is full and she is planning to stay out until dawn.  I am happy for her but I miss her.

Many reviews and interviews end with a comment or question about my next book.  I love that; the assumption that I will write another.  I love that this is what I do now.  To write is a great verb.  I love that people are interested in what I am working on.  I have not been doing this long enough to be able to say I am an author without giggling.  I know I shouldn't but it gets away from me.

I have been strangely cagey about the second book.  It is set in the First World War but I have been reluctant to discuss the subject of the novel.  I have realized that second book is not quite ready for grown up company.  When I was very young my mother would take me to the ballet.  I loved it, only I wanted to sit closer.  No.  Until I could sit still in my seat, we had to sit up in a box where I could crawl around the floor and not bother anybody.  At last, when I could finally be trusted to keep my shoes on, stay in my own seat and face the stage, we moved to the stalls.  The first violinist always waved to me and I felt so grown up.  Second book is nearly ready to move...

And!  Lovely, lovely pin on refrigerator immediately review today from Christina at Confessions of a Book Addict!


  1. I am already excited to read the second one and i have not even finished Exit The Actress yet :)

  2. Priya, I am hugely excited about your second novel. I can't wait! :)

  3. You must be so excited to be doing what you love. The second book sounds fine even without knowing the plot. Isn't it amazing how fast things move?
    Bonn chance!

  4. I loved Exit the Actress and can't wait to learn more about your next book. So exciting! Congrats!

  5. Congratulations on your first book! I just self-published my first book and I am amazed by the comments from friends and acquaintances. I can't wait to get a copy of your book. Your writing is so full of life. Even your blog is wonderful! Keep on doing what you love.

  6. I just received an email recommending Exit the Actress to me to read! :) I'm so very excited for you and the success of the book.

    Enjoy writing, you are blessed!

  7. misha! thank you! i have read your lovely, lyric review out loud to every member of my family i think...

    mimi, it is really amazing how fast everything moves! thank you!!!!!

    christina, i just read your astonishingly lovely review! thank you! i am thrilled!

    mari! who sent it? how thrilling!!!!!!!!

  8. traveller! congratulations on your first book!!!!!!!

  9. Hi Priya! Thank you for stopping by my blog! I have a copy of Exit the Actress, and can't wait to read it! I'll let you know when I have the review posted!

  10. carrie, so happy you are going to read it!


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