Sunday, March 6, 2011


You know when you hear a song and it plays through you all day?  Your mind drifts to it when you let go of your thoughts like a bright red, musical balloon that sails out of your hand on a summer day in a summer park.  I love that.  Ray LaMontagne's throaty, haunting Jolene won't leave me alone this week.  

It has been a wonderful week.  Writing and reading and writing and reading.  I am in that lovely flat place in the writing.  The grassy plain in the heartland of the story when you can guess where you are going.  The characters are speaking to each other and to me.  One wants baked alaska, another wants to sail on the Titanic.  I told him it was a terrible idea... Jolene, Jolene...

And on Friday I had tea with Philippa Gregory and she was just utterly marvellous.  More about that tomorrow...


  1. Tea with Philippa Gregory! I would love to hear more about it :)
    I am glad to hear you had a wonderful week. I love that song too!

  2. it was just lovely. she was just wonderful. i will write about it tomorrow! it is 3am and i am just too sleepy....

  3. I was absolutely delighted to see you on my blog! Delighted and honored. I have been following Exit the Actress but unfortunately the book will take a long time to come over to this part of the world.

    Meeting up with Philippa Gregory must be something to write about and I will look forward to that.

    Just started following you. All good luck with the second book.

  4. i am so pleased you stopped by! you write beautifully!

  5. Oh my goodness I cannot wait to read about tea with Philippa Gregory. You are moving in literary circles now Priya.
    I seem to be reading Exit the Actress very slowly but I am savoring it :)

  6. I'm dropping by after a long time (due to crazy work schedules) and I'm so happy for you about your book's success! It sounds remarkable and I hope it gets to India soon and I can read it :)

    Thanks for leaving a comment in my blog and I'm looking forward to hearing more about your tea with Philippa Gregory!

  7. hello! i am so happy you stopped by! i hope it gets to india soon too!

  8. Priya! Just a note to say I am still reading your beautiful book. It's so hard to get through books with a small child bobbing in and out! It is reminding me so much of Jane Eyre, even though it is in a completely different time period and subject matter. I am amazed at how genuinely you are able to express desire. Even my most favorite authors seem to make me cringe a little when they try to write about love, desire, passion... it too easily can come off as cliche, phoney, over-written. You write so well, but particularly here, perhaps because you do not write and write it... you leave most of the words out. That must be what is reminding me about Jane Eyre - Charlotte Bronte also was able to pinpoint the emotions of love in her sentences. I have so many questions for you but I will save them for when I am done reading! It's a pleasure to be able to read your book!

  9. ariel, you are so sweet. i am so happy you do not think it is emotionally overwritten. i did try to keep it as spare and evocative rather than descriptive as possible. so glad you liked that style!


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