Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hist Fick Chick

Lovely, lovely Allie at Hist Fick Chick reviewed Nell and invited me for an interview!  Kind, incisive, thought provoking and generous, it was a delight.  Her blog is brilliantly meticulous about historical detail and I love that. What a wonderful thing to find on a pretty spring Saturday morning...

pages written this week: 28!  Getting there...


  1. Another great review Priya, you must be on cloud nine!

  2. Congrats on all the great reviews for your fantastic book! :)

  3. Just finished reading this last night and LOVED!!!!! The extra exclamation marks there were completely necessary.:) Can't wait for your next one.

  4. that was a great interview to read! i love that some of your loved ones' best phrases are spoken by the characters! i really really want to know which ones! i also just loved hearing all the details from your side. thank you for sharing it!

  5. izzybellam i am so pleased! i am working on the next one now!

    ariel, can you hear my dad and nicky in it?


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