Monday, February 21, 2011

Forgotten Words

So, I write in books.  It is a habit with me.  I write in them constantly.  I write down words, colours, flirts of language, movement, shift and light.

I am reading one of Sally Beauman's huge, gothic, ensorcelling novels right now (my birthday present to myself) and inside the back cover I have written phrases like 'finch green' and 'hummingbird's cup' and 'drift of wrinkles'.  I do not remember writing them.

Yesterday, I found one of the research books I used for Nell.  It was a book I had left here and had not taken back to Hawaii to use while I was writing.   On the back page, amongst movie times and notes to call Virgin Atlantic, and to not forget Charlotte's birthday, I found more fragments of light and language.  I had forgotten they were there.  I had forgotten I ever wrote them.

But I recognized these phrases.   I opened Exit the Actress and there they were.  I love that these shreds of text survived my leaving them behind and forgetting them.  They bided their time and then turned up on an island in the Pacific ocean while I was writing Nell; like gatecrashers at a birthday party...


  1. I just finished Exit the Actress and I loved it! If making notes to yourself in books you were reading helped in the writing of it, who could possibly quibble? It's such a treat to follow your blog -- I think we all feel we're in at the launching of a major, very successful, career!

  2. I have dabbled in wiriting for years. I have fragments of novels, memoirs, etc. Now I am about to retire and I am hoping to join the crowd that can say - yes, I am a writer. I will begin rejuvenating ideas, try to stick to something until it is finished or proves to be the wrong choice for now. By the end of summer and the beginning of retirement, I intend to have a routine in place. I want to be able to say - Yes, that was mine. I am working on my next one.

  3. anonymous, thank you! that is so sweet of you to write!

    dick, good luck! it sounds like a wonderful plan!


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