Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Amazon included Exit the Actress in its 'Featured in Fiction and Literature' section.  Or at least it did in the email it sent to me.  I know Amazon can personalize everything in a sort of friendly yet Orwellian Big Brother way.  It seems to know what I might like to read like a neighborhood librarian who has been checking up on me.  Still, I was very pleased to see Nell at number 18!

And I just checked up on the audio books and I found Nell there on the first pages of the new releases!  She had her audio book cover on so it took me a minute to spot her...

On other fronts I have been reading wonderful books.  I re read Charlotte Gray by Sebastian Faulks recently.  Harrowing and haunting but so beautiful.


  1. Yes Charlotte Gray is good, but have you come across any scribblings I wonder.
    I have started Exit The Actress on my e- reader, bit fiddly as lots of blank pages, but I couldn't wait any longer. It is as good as I expected :)

  2. Number 18 is great! Congrats, Priya!
    Charlotte Gray is truly a beautiful novel.

  3. linda, no! it is on the way from the states! how does it look on the e reader? i loved the atmosphere of charlotte gray!

    misha, thank you! and thank you for your stunning review! it is so wonderful that you put it up on amazon too!

  4. Hi, just reading your blog for the first time, I have to say, I am loving what the Plum Bean lifetsyle can do for a person... to think I've been living like that and didn't know what to call it!
    I hope you will have many very exciting milestones ahead of you with Exit The Actress, I'm going to look into when its due here in Australia.

  5. i am so pleased you found me! plum bean is from my favorite children's book. i love that it is becoming a philosophy...

    exit the actress is already available online in australia i think! so glad you stopped by!

  6. I'm finally surfacing after being gone for almost a month :)

    Congratulations on the success of the book, I'm so very excited for you!


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