Saturday, December 4, 2010


May.  Thanks to wonderful Mari (who has the wonderful blog Bookworm with a View),  The Manic Mommies Book Club is going to read Exit the Actress in May.  They are a marvellous reading group.  The conversations with the authors are generous but incisive leaving a wide, clean arena for discussion.  The readers are engaged and vibrant and the other books that have been chosen look fantastic.  Nell and I are delighted and are going ice skating to celebrate...


  1. That's great!
    Enjoy skating. Somehow I never dared to learn skating.

  2. thank you! didn't end up skating as it is freezing but met up with an old university friend in a cozy pub instead. it was lovely!

  3. How sweet! I'm going to read Nell's story over winter break so I can cuddle up with a fire, the house decorated and read.

    Can't wait to talk about the book!

  4. mari, i am so pleased that you and nell are going to meet!

  5. Looking forward to reading in May!


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