Monday, December 20, 2010

Lovely Review from Rick Friedman at Goodreads

"Exit the Actress: A Novel by Priya Parmar is quite simply one of the most original, engaging and well written novels I have come across in many a year. Written through diary entries, Letters, Official Announcements, invitations ect- the reader is immersed into 17th Century London, through the eyes of Nell, a poor "Oyster Girl" who grows up to be a stage star and Mistress of Royalty. That Ms. Parmar can create such a real and human character is nothing short of breathtaking. This book is, without doubt,the first book of a MAJOR new talent in historical fiction."

I just read that review out loud to my mother.  It is the kind of moment you daydream about when you are in the thicket of a book that is not yet a book and you cannot see your way forward or back.  It is the kind of daydream that kickstarts you back into writing when you splutter to a stop.  It is the kind of daydream that you never imagine will happen.  

And then one day, it does.  How magical.

Rick Friedman is a wonderful man who has a wonderful  bookclub.  It is a vast, energetic book club and he leads it with verve, skill and devotion.  He makes it a lovely place to be.  

My publicity team adore Rick.  He and my publicist Jessica are organizing a Goodreads Giveaway.  It takes time, effort, thought and kindness.  I am so very, very lucky.  Thank you, Rick.

Ps: It looks like I am snowed into London for Christmas and not going to the States...


  1. Christmas with the Queen can be really fab, even if she is only on the TV!

  2. wow! congrats!! i can't wait to read the book!!

  3. sounds wonderful! i love pastiche styled writing. good luck getting home for christmas! but don't you have to be back soon anyway for your book signing?
    best, susan

  4. anonymous, i have heard that but in our house we watch the muppets christmas carrol with fozzie bear as mr. feziwig...

    carrie, thank you!

    susan, i am going over for the book signing in february but only for a couple of days. cross your fingers that heathrow opens...

  5. Congratulations on a wonderful accomplishment! Your first book! Can I say I knew you when....?

    Hope your plans for Christmas work out for you. Have a wonderful holiday,

  6. dianne, that is so sweet, thank you. hoping the weather cooperates...


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