Monday, November 29, 2010

Good News!

Yipee!  My mom, who is the sweetest, actually cheers, claps her hands together and shouts "yipee!" when something good happens.  It is exactly how you want someone you love to react.  I love that.

The good news is on several fronts!  I do not like 1,2,3 sort of ranking.  It feels like the higher numbers, the 4's and 5's get a bit diminished in the process and so will give everybody letters instead; sort of like sitting down to a round table instead of a rectangle.

A. Booksellers have started sending back their reviews and they are so lovely and generous and kind!

B. My middle school students are all flying through their books and have discovered S.E. Hinton and Judy Blume and have become reading addicts.  I am delighted!

C. My high school student is zipping through Jane Eyre and not only understanding the finely threaded nuances of the text but is enjoying the story.  I couldn't be happier!

D. My college student is tackling Tolstoy and loving every minute of his first semester of college.  He can feel his brain reaching and stretching and I am so very, very proud of him!

E. I have now worked out all the London omnibus routes for 1906-1910 and have moved on to train timetables...

F. Nell got chosen to be part of the Target "Emerging Author's Program".  I am over the moon!

And it has started snowing...


  1. Lovely list of good thing! Made me smile. And congrats :)

    Which of Tolstoy's books is your college student tackling? I have Anna Karenina with me, but I'm too intimidated by it!

  2. How wonderful! We had snow in the mountains yesterday. Beautiful.

    To answer your question from a few days ago: My Random House Children's Books imprint, Tricycle Press, was closed down two weeks ago, and my book is currently without a home. I should learn more in the weeks ahead...

  3. Good news Priya. I cannot remember if I sent you a message about Exit the Actress. Will you let me know via FB or direct reply please as I no longer subscribe to comments :(

  4. Wonderful news, all around, Priya! The visceral image of the brain "reaching and stretching" is fantastic. I am think of that when daily, watching my almost-three-year-old. I am so happy for you and all the positive feedback and offers that your book has unearthed! Congratulations!! P.S. - I hope you have some cozy snowboots! :)

  5. kals, thank you! anna karenina is fantastic! read the newest translation--it is marvelous!

    caroline, the snow turned into a sort of white out blizzard that did not stick. so sad to hear about your homeless book! i know it will find a terrific home soon. can it move inside random house?

    ariel. my boots arrived from my mother last night--thrilling!!!!! i spent all of sunday with a wonderful three year old and yes, their brains are definitely on the march. it is amazing to see! xxxxxx

  6. So many wonderful things! Good for you - enjoy the snow! :)

  7. Oh my! Wonderful news on the Target recognition - this is a huge honor (book sales!!!). :)


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