Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lunch with St. Exupery.

It is the 11th and I have not written since the 1st.  Terrible.  Book writing and researching have somewhat taken over at the moment.  I spent yesterday in the Transport Museum, looking up early 20th century London omnibus routes.  No, I started looking up bus routes and then wound up falling down the fascinating rabbit hole of WWI propaganda literature.  Terrifying, brutal stuff.  As today is November 11, that seemed to justify the enormous diversion.

Now, I am back to working on my Author Portal.  Yes, the same Author Portal I was meant to have finished a month ago.  It is again the classic pattern of Priya writes and then Priya deletes ad nauseum.  Don't you love that the ancient Romans used the same sort of teenage phrasing as we do?

This week, I also helped my ingenious, dearest, artist friend with her installation on imagination.  It was heaven.  Lunch with a old friend who asks you "If you did love a flower that lived on a star, would it be sweet to look at the sky at night?" is a lucky thing.

Pages written this week: 16


  1. A little time off from the blogging is sometimes much needed -- plus WWI and WWII detail can be gruesome and fascinating at the same time. It's always frightening to know that people really can do horrible things, you know? I just finished reading & reviewing a book due to come out next March regarding WWII and the Lithuanian refugees -- horrifying what they went through!

  2. It is lovely to hear your voice again, Priya! Cutest dog in the world, btw....How did he like the book? ;)

  3. coffee and book chick, i agree. and the more you research the more terrifying it becomes...

    lisa, lovely to be back! i missed you! isn't he cute. he loved nell enough to take a snooze on her!

  4. I am sure a well deserved rest from writing and blogging was needed so that you can devote yourself to researching the next book. I mean you are still working.
    I am no longer subscribing to comments as my in box has become unmanageable :(

  5. Glad to hear your days are happy and 16 pages it progress with all the research you are doing these days.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Everyone deserves a break! Research must take up so much of your time.
    16 pages is a lot for a week , I think. Best of luck with your writing and research!

  7. mari, that is sweet of you! love your new photo!

    misha 1989, that made me feel great about my 16 pages--thank you!

  8. Bonsoir Priya. Good to "hear" from you. It must be so much work to do all that research, not to mention finding the inspiration (at least if it's anything like painting/crafting), I really admire the fact that you do really produce a book at the end of it. That quote is so lovely... Hope you're having a good week. Love from South of the River, Carole xo


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