Saturday, October 2, 2010


Wow, Hawaii to London is a long way.  I love it but I had forgotten exactly how cold, wet and big it is.  The small bright, breezy convenience of Hawaii and the sprawling, beachy cup cake colors of Los Angeles feel far away.  But it is lovely to be back in the country where I lived for so long and to see my dear, dear friends.

Today was the first day that clicked into place.  You know the day where you suddenly collect yourself into one time zone, one city, one life?  Things make sense and you look up and expect to be where you are?  It feels much better.  Now, I can breathe and get started on the mountain of research I have to do for the Second Book.  Yikes...  More tomorrow!


  1. I haven't been to London since I was 17 -- for shame, I know. Coincidentally, I'm re-reading The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova for my readalongs site, and I've just gotten to the point toight when in Oxford and the Radcliffe Camera is being discussed. I just jumped online and saw the striking pictures, and now feel that I must visit again one day -- and soon!

    Wonderful to hear about your trip -- do enjoy and will look forward to your posts!

  2. I haven't been to London in forever. I hope your research goes well!

  3. I have not yet been to London but I can't wait to go! Hope you have fun researching!

  4. coffee and book chick, i love the radcliffe camera! i studied at oxford and it was always thrilling to go to that library! i haven't read all of the historian (started it and then left it on a plane) but i want to!

    letter4no1, thank you! so far so good!

    bookquoter, you are so sweet!

    caroline starr rose, for about six months--although i have to come back tot he us for the book release. any news on your cover?

    hannah. it is much better in the summer--less wet and rainy and more peachy and flowery!

  5. I've just gotten my cover sketch. It's not official, but it's lovely. So amazing to finally see my protagonist after imaging her for years.


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