Friday, October 29, 2010


There is something so complete about hedgehogs.  So stubby and round and right.  I love them.  I am reading a wonderful book, The Elegance of the Hedgehog.  I say 'reading' but I am only on page eleven.  The research for second book has sort of eaten my reading life for breakfast.  It has done it in a terrific, active verb, gracious kind of way but done it quite thoroughly all the same.

I am writing about early 20th c. figures this time round and they are just so recent.  I walk by the places they lived and the same stone on the same doorsteps, some of the same banks and bookshops and restaurants are sitting on the same corners, and the same trees are growing in the same parks--astonishing as WWI, WWII and the 20th c have all brutally happened in between.

All this reality and scenery from these lives makes the researching truly immediate--but it is at the point where it is so immediate that it has moved into my living room and taken up all the space.  And so I am taking action, reclaiming my recreational reading and starting with hedgehogs--French hedgehogs on the Rue de Grenelle at that.  The book already has a charming, drown you in melted butter and crooked streets and warm you into fluffy pastry sort of feeling to it--impressive by page eleven.

On other fronts, I am discovering Goodreads.  It is a slow toe dipping in giant ocean sort of discovering as Goodreads is vast and dedicated.  A lovely man called Rick has set up a thread for Exit the Actress.  It was so sweet of him!  I am consistently astonished by the random, goodwill Nell has found in her adventures in publishing.  It is wonderful.


  1. It is good to hear that your research is keeping you busy, as I assume this means you have lots of ideas. As for Goodreads, I have found it is a very friendly community.

  2. i agree! it is super friendly and welcoming!

  3. I am glad you liked Goodreads. Its a great place for book lovers. In fact had it not been for Goodreads, I would never have discovered your wonderful book. Its a great place to discover great new authors.

  4. It's fascinating to 'be with you' from the start of the writing process, following along with the research. Blogging about the process creates such a connection for this reader and sure many others.

    Thank you for taking time to do this, I know it's alot of work to juggle so many things and blogging seems like something one could stop doing for the sole purpose of time lost on the book.

    Hope that made sense! :)

  5. mari, it is lovely to have a community to go through this nutty publishing adventure with. it makes everything more fun and more meaningful.

    that made total sense btw! it is a lovely switching gears feeling and actually helps with the book writing!

  6. Ahh, I love hedgehogs. Did I tell you about the time my husband turned up at our front door with one in his hands, that he'd rescued from the road...?

  7. Hedgehogs are funny, endearing little creatures, but I admit I'm more excited by the sound of your research, Priya, spreading into every room of the house like Alice during her cake-induced growth spurt... it bodes well!

  8. rachel, i love that! what happened to him/her--i feel like all hedgehogs should get a name don't you?

    doctordi, yes but alice seemed to have the ability to shrink stuff at will just with a sip of 'drink me'. wish i had that! research is giant, sprawling and huge scary fun!


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