Monday, March 1, 2010

The Fun Part

This is the fun part. The characters begin to chatter. They take on a form and a walk. I learn whether they wash their face before they brush their teeth or vice versa. They tell me what food they like. They paint their bedrooms, name their pets, bite their fingernails. They choose hats.

Yet no great plot choices are lost yet. The plot moves along feeling obvious until an intersection when two choices (or more--nightmare) feel almost right or almost wrong. There is no clear direction and you literally have to guess. If you guess wrong (as I did once last time around) recognize it as soon as possible and go back and lift it out--like planting the wrong flowers then removing them. If it is wrong, no amount of building, decorating, nudging or re-jiggering can make it right. It has to come out. Yuck.

But looking back and feeling relief that you chose right--fun. Not coming to a tricky intersection yet--also fun.

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