Thursday, March 4, 2010


The manuscript is beautiful! Each section is beautifully designed and brilliantly set on the page. It is an elegant, legible, beautiful design and I love it so much. The letters look like Restoration letters! The playbills look like Restoration playbills! The diary headings look like diary headings! The snozberries look like snozberries!

Now all I have to do is proofread and edit and check it over with my trusty green pencil. Sounds easy but...

Did I use commas in all the dates? Mmm, maybe I should check.

Do I always italicise this?

Do I always capitalise that?

Do I always go this bonkers when I proofread? I think I am making it worse. Going out to sit in the sun...

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  1. Are you the final person in charge of the punctuation? SCAAARY! I would hate to be the final set of eyes on a prject. Good Luck!


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