Monday, March 8, 2010


I love good news! And today there is lots of it! So, a list. I love lists!

1. A wonderful, brilliant, hugely popular, best selling author I respect and admire has read my book and given me a wonderful quote for the cover--which I can't talk about yet but will soon!

2. Sharon Kay Penman (who wrote the fantastic Here Be Dragons Welsh trilogy and the fantastic Henry and Eleanor of Aquitaine series Time and Chance and The Devil's Brood) mentioned me on her website! Yipee!

3. I am past page 200 on my galley edits!

4. I discovered what Restoration face lotion was really made of. As I am a face lotion junkie I really wanted to know what Nell put on her face and I had discovered all the ingredients except one--apple cider vinegar. The other ingredients were a very destructive combination of lead (yikes), chalk (not so moisturizing), and some other nasty, nasty stuff. Water was far too dangerous a substance to use so...vinegar?


  1. This is all great! Just saw Sharon Kay Penman's blog post that mentions you - exciting to think this book is really coming out!

  2. at the end of it there is a book! who knew?

  3. Nothing like lead, chalk and vinegar for a beautiful complexion. Wondering about the other nasty, nasty components. Congrats on getting the nice blurb!

  4. thank you! the lead ruined their skin (and gave them lead poisoning) and they covered it up with... wait for it... more lead.

  5. Didn't they also use urine to soften the skin? I know some women did in the Victorian era but didn't know if this delightful beauty application took place earlier.

  6. absolutely! they called it 'puppy dog water'--ick!


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