Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Audio Book...

The audio book!  I love the art deco feel of the lettering.  Such a great Nell.  Such a great nose.  She is far more imperious and regal and statuesque than the Nell I wrote but she is fabulous just the same.  And this is the cassette version.  Did not know they still made cassette versions...

Eight more days...


  1. Wow! The cover art has nothing to do with Nell or the Restoration style, but it is immediately arresting. I love it! I hope it sells a million copies!

  2. It looks beautiful Priya! Love the imperial, Roman silhouette and I agree, fantastic art deco font, loooks great! :-)

  3. Wonderful, I also did not realise publishers still produced audio books on Cassette! Who was the reader, anyone we might know?

  4. YEAH! I love all the options but I will be reading this one while in Australia next month :)

  5. Cant wait cant wait cant wait cant wait! so excited so excited so excited!

    lots of love

  6. stella, thank you! i am writing a guest post for you!

    linda, i know! thank you for your lovely email btw!

    mari, yippee!

    wyatt, you are the best best best! lots of love back atcha--before i forget! look up ts eliot prize for today... xx

    ps: wyatt is my wonderful student who i am unbelievably proud of!!!!!!!!

  7. I absolutely love that cover version for the audio and cassette! How exciting!

  8. Really cassette tapes? Learn something new everyday. The cover for the audio version is gorgeous, just like the the book.


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