Monday, May 3, 2010

Planes and News

I am not on a plane! That sounds like a small thing but it is enormous. I am not on a plane, packing for a plane, waiting for another plane, driving to the airport, saying goodbye at the airport, waiting for bags at the airport, moving a plane ticket or popping my ears. I do realize that I sound like a very wordy loon but The Plane Ticket has hung over my head for three weeks while I got over bronchitis. We moved it three times. You know the sinking dread that pulls on you--or maybe just on me--when the airport and all the accompanying accoutrements loom up in your future--yuck.

My poor boyfriend and I have had four teary goodbye dinners in two and a half weeks. That is one of my favorite quotes by the way, when Peter O'Toole tells Audrey Hepburn in 'How to Steal a Million"-great film "And then you loomed up in your nightie and shot me." Great writing. Can you tell I have not slept enough?

And then this morning I opened my email and found a wonderful set of awards from Whitney! Her blog, She is too Fond of Books ( is superb. Anyone who lists "All About Eve" and "Dark Victory" among her favorite movies and In Cold Blood right after Gone With the Wind for favorite books will get my attention.

So, ten facts right? Maybe I should not do this on so little sleep,

1. I carry a book with me everywhere--really, really, everywhere--movies, restaurants--bizarre.
2. I could not read until third grade and the first big book with chapters that I read was Gone With the Wind in fourth grade. I think I have read it at least eleven times since.
3. I am as of last summer, allergic to bees.
4. I love 1930's poetry.
5. I am half Indian but people always guess Hawaiian, Italian, French, Spanish, Greek or Russian. When I say Indian they ask me what tribe.
6. I never listen to my messages and tend to leave my inbox permanently full.
7. I am the only one among my siblings who uses her given name.
8. I bump into stuff.
9. If my book sells lots of copies I intend to rescue a French Bulldog and a Pit Bull, and buy a vintage Dior 1920's dress.
10. I am a hug you when I meet you rather than a shake hands when I meet you sort of person.

Wow. Definitely should have waited until I had more sleep.

Ten blogs to give this too?

Lisa and Laura at, because they are vibrant and true and fun to read.

Kals at A weekly Tagore poem--does it get better?

Caroline at A warmhearted, fascinating writing voice.

Tahereh at, a young writer with a brilliant voice. She calls her followers 'besties'--adorable.

Beth at From Wales to Canada, a wonderful, generous blog with a great heart.

Michelle at A sparkling, insightful, incisive, gracious voice.

Vivienne at She is taking a blogging break just now but her blog is worth waiting for. Cupcakes and books=genius.

Mari at Wonderful to read--generous, snap, crackle, pop smarts and fun.

Teddyree at A beautiful blog. Her writing is personal, courageous, addicting, especially for historical fiction lovers!

Marie at Fantastic reviews, great books, illuminating writing--genius!


  1. Glad to hear you got the traveling over with! I too am a big fan of How to Steal A Million. I find O'Toole so super-dreamy in that film. Did not know you were such a GWTW fan, though. I read it once, and once was enough for me. I always think it is interesting to hear about what my friends' rereads are. I am a compulsive Austen, Wodehouse, EF Benson rereader--although this excludes the children's books I turn to when in need of comfort.

  2. ooh lucia--can anyone get enough lucia. my dad travels with at east 3 bertie wooster novels at anyone time so i love him dearly. and then there is wuthering heights and brideshead revisited--both of which i am compulsive about!

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  4. Congrats on the awards and thank you so much for passing it to me. I'm delighted that you thought of my blog for this :) Also..I love reading your posts because you have an obviously excellent way with words and its a pleasure to read them! I'm looking forward to visiting the other blogs you've awarded here :)

    I totally bump into stuff I could so relate to Nymphadora Tonks' clumsiness that way :D

  5. Congrats on your award!

    I think I need to read some more 1930s poetry! What would your recommend?

  6. Bonjour Priya,
    Thank you for coming by and following along. Congratulations on you r award, enjoyed your list - and I bump into things too. I also have the bruises to prove it.
    Enjoy your week,

  7. kals, that is so sweet, thank you! so glad other people bump into stuff too!

    bethany, thank you! for 1930's poetry i would go with Auden. He is amazing! start with 'as i walked out one evening' and then go to his big 3 of 1939--'in memory of wb yeats', 'september 1, 1939', 'in memory of sigmund freud'. freud is worth it for the staggering epithet at the end.

    mimi (bonjour romance), you bump into stuff too! yay! well, not yay but you know what i mean so yay! so glad you popped by!

  8. Oh thank you Priya! This is so unexpected! Can't wait to sniff around your blog a bit more. And holy crap, can't WAIT to read ENTER THE ACTRESS. Sounds absolutely fab. I remember reading about it on PM!

  9. thank you! thank you! so glad you came by! your blog is brilliant!

  10. Thank you so much! I'm honored and your comments mean so very much to me.

    I will write more later tonight but I need to get in a run before the sun goes down. I added the book recommendation to my TBR list (thank you!).

  11. I just hit the button that said "Next Blog" and found your amusing, creative blog. Thanks for all the effort you've put into it.

    And remember : you are not on a plane. For me it was my oral examination for my Master's degree -- it hung over my head like a hungry vampire bat that whole last semester. Roland

  12. Priya, how sweet are you!@ Thank you for the kind comments and award. I adore reading your blog as well.

  13. mari, you are so welcome! happy running!

    roland d. yeomans, wow i did not have an oral exam for my master's but wow what a whopper for my phd. congratulations on being done!

    michelle, that is so sweet! i am always so pleased when i see that you have stopped by!

    mari and michelle--i check in with your blogs everyday!

  14. Wonderful answers. I really must check out She Is Too Fond Of Books - All About Eve is one of my top 10 favorite movies (that I've seen more times than I can count). "What tribe?" That's too funny! Any I come from a long line of huggers as well. I can't wait to buy your book!

  15. Congratulations on the award, I shall make time to visit all the other bogs you mention.

  16. That's a great list :)

    I was going to reply to your comments by email but couldn't find your address... I'm doing my PhD at Sheffield. Writing-wise, I'm focusing on a fantasy series at the moment, but I also have a part-drafted sci-fi novel, and a couple of other things I'm plotting out. I need to have things 'on the boil' at different stages!

  17. Congratulations Priya! I think the "what tribe" bit is absolutely hilarious and I can completely emphasise with the "bumping into things" since I do the same, after - of course - having tripped up over something first ;-) Love from London x

  18. lindy lou mac--thank you! have definitely been regretting level of delirium when i wrote them! xx

    grad, hooray for people who hug! in hawaii if you shake hands people just ignore it and hug you anyway!

    petty witter, thank you! definitely do look at them! xx

    rachel, i have no idea how to email on the bloggy thing! my email is but i do not check it unless someone tells me that they are sending something! wow! when i was doing my doctorate (over a zillion years--i am still finishing my revisions!) i did not have time to write anything else! when i went to work for eve ensler and the vagina monologues i had to take a leave of absence--hence the zillion years. a whole series sounds amazing! i can't imagine plotting something out on that grand a scope. congratulations!

    mademoiselle poirot, yep, the tripping always comes first doesn't it? forgot to mention that! xx

  19. Hi Priya! Thankyou for such lovely words and thankyou for the award!

    Congratulations on your award too! I love coming by your blog to read your posts! :)

    I'm soooo with you on number one! I have a book within reach everywhere I go! There's always one with me lol. And I too bump into everything, even when I'm trying to avoid it! lol


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