Tuesday, May 11, 2010

News and Writing

So, news first. My fantastic, genius, wonderful editor and extraordinary, brilliant, dynamic agent loved the photo. Whew. Done. Really? This thing that had taken on albatross-esque proportions in my head? Yep. Done. Yippee!

It seems--although I have only so far heard this through a lengthy, nutty text message exchange and a spectacularly unorganized game of phone tag, that my first home town author event has been organized. In a bookstore I have never been to. Now this will sound strange to people who live in places where bookstores grow on trees but here they are an endangered species. And up until yesterday, I thought there was only the lone Borders standing bravely and singularly in town; like a cavalry officer with no cavalry. Now I find there is another bookstore on this island?

One would think that being on an island, I would know it quite well--have visited every beach, trail, waterfall, restaurant, salt pond, water cave and bookstore. But no. I am creature of profound habit. I love the beaches, restaurants, waterfalls, trails, water caves that I love, but a bookstore? A book store will send me hurtling out of my comfort zone and off to the other side of island immediately.

Why don't I go there more often you ask? I am a prohibitively bad driver and cannot parallel park. Bear in mind that this is an island, an island with very skinny roads, and if you spend thirty minutes ineptly trying to park in a huge space that logic and physics say should be more than ample--you mill make people angry. And then you will see those people again. Eew. No one will honk at you. Honking is the height of rudeness here and deeply frowned upon. But everyone remembers every one's car and I will get that "Oh I saw you desperately failing to park on the West side yesterday, please do not attempt that again nor park near me" sort of look at the grocery store.

In other wonderful news, Kals from the luminous At Pemberly blog gave me an award! How wonderful. The award was created by Felicia at Geeky Blogger's Book Blog and she asks us to pass it along to five of our favorite blogs. Trouble is that I want to award right back to Kals as I love At Pemberly but you can't do that can you?

So, five blogs?

Bethany @ http://subtlemelodrama.blogspot.com/. Her blog 'words, words, words' is generous, fun and feels like a lovely chat with an old friend.

June @ http://writingisablessing.blogspot.com/. Her blog feels like a spring afternoon with green grass, a favorite book and a bowl of strawberries.

Doctordi @ http://doctordi.wordpress.com/. A fantastic blog brimming with life and writing and smart, self deprecating, engaged humor.

Missy B @ http://missysbooknook.blogspot.com/. Her heartbreaking, truthful, tenderly written Mother's Day post stayed with me all day.

Stella @ http://www.stella-exlibris.com/. I know I keep giving her awards but I just like her blog so much!

Now, writing. Umm, must write more?


  1. What a kind comment to make - thank you so much!

    Again, I'm very excited for all this working out for you! Whoo!

  2. Thank you so much, Priya. I appreciate the award so much! There are so many blogs to love, aren't there?

  3. What a lovely description of my blog...Thank you...You've captured a wonderful essence that I want to infuse to others...I truly feel the same of you as well...a breath of lovely, fresh air...Spending time in Hawaii certainly helps with that sensibility doesn't it? :-)

  4. bethany, you are so welcome!

    missy b, there really are aren't there? it is funny though--some stick and i go back again and again and some don't. your's definitely stuck!

    june, i think hawaii helps everything! your blog does have ha wonderful easter basket freshness to it!

  5. Good grief, girl - of COURSE they loved the photo!!!!! And great news about your first author event - maybe ask a friend to take you...

    (btw, I keep meaning to tell you that a very old, dear, hilarious friend of mine is a Priya too; she's from the city she still calls Bombay, now living in the OTHER city that doesn't sleep, NYC. We honeymooned in India so we could attend Priya's wedding, and yes, there was an elephant involved.)

    Gosh, Priya, thank you very much, not only for choosing my blog as one of these five but for the lovely way you describe its content...it's very rare to read a description of my own writing, and I absolutely couldn't hope for more than this. Very chuffed, thanks.

  6. doctordi, i love indian weddings with elephants! did the groom ride in on a white horse? in my family they used to ride in on a white horse--love it! funnily enough i have never met another priya. as i am half indian (and no one can figure it out) people hear the name and guess that my parent's were hippies.

    you are so welcome! your writing is wonderful!

    yes, i will get someone else to drive!

  7. Yes, you're the only other Priya I've come across too, but I did figure there had to be Indian heritage in there because of it. Hippies? Wouldn't that make you Moonbeam Unicorn Doors of Perception Parmar instead?!

    Actually, we saw a white horse wedding, but Priya's betrothed was the elephant rider in this bridal procession - we and all the guests accompanied him dancing through the streets of Jaipur (they had a "destination wedding") to the ceremony. Very cool.

    Re. the car - I am a learner driver at 37 years of age, so you're doing very well in my book just getting yourself from one side of the island to the other unaccompanied!! But yes, if someone else takes you, you can have a fortifying tipple before you meet your public...

    And thanks again!

  8. I'm glad your editor loved your photo! And good luck with the author event :)

    I love your descriptions for the blogs you've awarded here. I'm going to check them out now :D

  9. Great news they liked the photo, so it was worth all that effort. As for the bookshop maybe it opened recently while you were away?

  10. doctordi, love indian destination weddings! definitely master parallel parking while you are learning! i wish i had!

    kals, thank you! as it is 10 months away i have plenty of time to get nervous!

    lindy lou mac, i think it has been there for a long time (since the eighties) and i just had no idea--bizarre!

  11. Congrats on the award and the great photo! Well done, I'm very pleased for you :-) I like your description about parking and honking your horn as I'm VERY Parisian in my approach.. so much so in fact that I have literally worn out the horn on my last car... seriously, the chap at the garage laughed his head off. Love from London x

  12. As long as you liked the photo then all is well.

    Laughed at the notion of being found & remembered for your parking skills by townspeople... hmmm letting you in on secret.. I can't park for BEANS! Thank god for those large parking lots at the grocery store. Who cares if I have to lug all the grocery to nowhere land space... I saved someone's poor car a new scar... :)


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