Thursday, May 27, 2010

Friday Hopping

Like intrepid reading, roaming rabbits the blog hoppers take to the blogosphere. There is a sense of welcome. Of purpose. Of bread and jam on the table and a fire in the fireplace. The invitations are sent. The music begins. The guest are arriving.

Frog and Toad have just left. Scarlett and Rhett are running late. Cathy and Heathcliff have gone for a walk. Elizabeth is refusing to give Mr. Darcy cake. Anna is worried about getting back to Petersburg and Vronsky is trying to talk her out of going. Beatrice is flirting with Benedick and Hero is not really dead. Claudio has gone to find her but has wandered into Titania's forest. Odysseus is late getting home and Telemachus is getting annoyed.

Damon the Mower is in love with Juliana but she has wandered off. Emma is trying to get them back together and Mercutio is teasing her. Shell Silverstein has turned on the lights and Dr. Seuss has brought in the noisemakers. The Whos down in Whoville have started to sing and Keats is finishing his letter to Fanny Brawne. Shelley has gone for a walk on the beach and stopped in to see Coleridge in a cave. The Ramseys are off to the lighthouse while Mrs. Dalloway buys the flowers. Lucy Honeychurch is sailing down the Arno while Cecil Vyse plays tennis. Nora is leaving the doll's house and Holden is having a bad day. Catherine Sloper is in Washington Sq. and Pip is talking about Australia. Tess wants to go walking alone but Captain Wentworth is very persuasive. Charles is returning to Brideshead and Sebastian will be waiting for him.

It is going to be a lovely party.


  1. Any chance that ee cummings is on the list of invitees?? Heard the latest about Scarlett?? She's gone back to that gawdy green look... Atticus is coming home but Frodo has to catch the rings left on the tables near the trollbridge. Oops there's the doorbell... go see who it is?? what it's YEATS!
    Stepping out to get the biscuits in the hallway now. :)

    PK Reeves
    Aisle B

    PS definitely coming back!

  2. What a clever post, I love how you include all those characters.

  3. pk reeves, definitely! i will write his invitation without any capital letters. too bad frodo had to run errands. he and atticus would have had a lovely talk...

    petty witter, wouldn't it be lovely to sit down with authors and characters, puppets and puppeteers?

  4. Oh this is probably the best post I've read all month! Thank you, Priya =)

  5. Oh, it WILL be a lovely party!

  6. Found your blog via the hop. Great blog! Looking forward to following you.

    my blog:

  7. vivienne, the cupcakes were for you!

    kals, i should have put tagore in there!

    g, thanks for stopping by!

    janna, so happy you found me!

  8. What a wonderful blog.
    Kelly Bookend Diaries

  9. Ooh, what a great party! Very cleverly done.

    Here's my Friday Hop post:

  10. Just stopping by to say hello. I love historical fiction. I'll add you to my google reader. Thanks.

  11. Yes, you should have. I've been angry at myself for not posting a Tagore poem this Thursday. But the internet didn't help =(

    You could always have another special post for Tagore :D

  12. This is not really a hopper comment but I wanted to email this to you and couldn't find a link to your address so I'm putting it here instead. :)

    I don't know if you have had a chance to read my blog posts about author Sam Taylor, but I wanted to tell you about the creative writing workshop that he hosts in the south of France!! Rest assured that I don't get a thing for telling you about this (beyond the hope that you will GO and I can live vicariously through you!!) but you are one of the only three Real Writers that I know of, so I thought of you when I heard about this workshop. Check it out here:

    and promise you will tell me all about it if you go!

  13. Hi Priya, I gave you a little bit of a shout-out today on my blog hop post. On my way home today I picked up The End of the Affair. Add that to the TBR stack!

  14. Bonjour Priya,
    SO clever how you wove all these marvelous character in. DO you think Jane and Mr Rochester will join in too? My favorite - I'm a hopeless romantic...
    Happy weekend to you,

  15. That has to be the funniest blog hop post I've ever read. Pussreboots

  16. kelly mcdermott bay, glad you stopped by

    leeswammes, wouldn't it be wonderful to go to a party like that?

    kals, am thinking of rereading the queen and the shades.

    bilbliophiliac, thank you! that is so lovely!

    kirsten, i am always so pleased to hear that people enjoy historical fiction!

    kathy, that sounds wonderful! thank you for thinking of me.

    mimi, jane and mr. rochester should definitely come as well as antoinette from wide sargasso sea by jean rhys. have you read it? it is astounding.

    pussreboots, thank you! that is a wonderful thing to write!

  17. Oh what a fantastic post, so unusual and extraordinarily well put together. I think Quasimodo should ring the bell to call everybody to the table whilst Esmeralda serves the drinks...Ok, I'm so not on the same level when it comes to literature (well, I've recognised all the characters, that's a good start), but it's good fun. Thanks for a great great post. Love from London x

  18. mademoiselle poirot, i LOVE that! it is perfect! xx

  19. Well done! I'm visiting via the hop. Signing up to follow now.

  20. Oooh, to be standing by the ice sculpture when Antoinette and Rochester collide...

    What a delightful gathering - and I'm sure the Mad Hatter will be along shortly to help with refreshments, being quite experienced with tea parties...

  21. Wishing you a wonderful Memorial Day!

  22. ordinary reader, so glad you could stop by!

    doctordi, didn't you love rhys's wide sargasso sea? i would love to see antoinette and rochester collide. in fact i would love to see her run him over with a heard of angry bison. he will be the better man for it once he meets the lovely jane...

    the mad hatter is a must, can't believe i did not invite him. hope he brings the march hare and the doormouse.

    mari, happy memorial day to you too!


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