Saturday, April 10, 2010


Yesterday was amazing! I have always felt a bit pressed up against the candy store window of the bloggy world. I would read people posting back and forth and interacting with each other, discussing books and histories and writing and publishing and think: how do they find each other?

And so I would write. Sometimes I would sheepishly post something on Facebook and then encourage everyone not to read it. I am not a big status posting person but more of a 'please take that embarrassingly awful photo of me down right now sort of person'. I admire the status posting people. I admire the bloggy posting people. I admire the people with enough courage in their passions and interests to fearlessly put it out there. Until yesterday, I was certainly not one of them.

Tina who owns Java Kai in Hanalei: "Priya, aren't you writing a blog?"

Priya: "Um. Erm. Uh. Noise. Noise. Sort of."

Not good.

Then yesterday I did it and ventured into the bloggy world ready to have no one show up and... it was wonderful! People were kind, encouraging, friendly and responsive. Funny thing about the candy store is that you are not wrong to stand outside and want to be inside. The candy tastes really really good.

Um. Erm. Uh. Noise. Noise. Of course it might have been a fluke and no one might come back....


  1. I know, don't you love the blogging world? I do get incredibly uncomfortable when people ask if I have a blog or not, but talking with other bloggers always makes me...happy! Glad you feel that way too!

  2. Me too! It is so good to meet people who really really love books!

  3. I'm back and very excited to read more and more...

  4. I'm back too and will visit often! Actually,I'm a bit reserved myself (in real life) but am learning that others are sometimes as reluctant as I am to post. However, I am slowly doing better with it, I think. :) It's kind of like jumping off into the deep end of the pool. LOL

  5. kirthi, beth and jeannie! i am so happy you came back!

  6. I found your blog on Blog Hop and liked the title of your blog. Congrats on your first historical novel, a genre I also like reading. I would love to review your book. Is the publisher sending out ARCs or review copies?


    Book Dilettante

  7. yes they are! i would love for you to review my book! i will send the request on to my editor. thank you for finding me!


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