Saturday, April 17, 2010


Books. Shoes. Books. Shoes. Going to Hawaii--books win. The current Hawaiian Airlines baggage restrictions are very irritating when I am endeavoring to travel with a small library of books. Books for the first novel (galleys arrive next month), books for the Second Novel (sooo many books), books to read next, books to read now, books I have already read but cannot quite bear to leave, books to teach, first book for the plane and second book for the plane in case I have a gigantic delay and finish first book. I always feel like I need a deep bench when I travel.

Airport security is going to think I am nuts.


  1. Have a good trip and happy reading! :)

  2. have a fabulous trip and enjoy all those books.

  3. I suppose that's where a Kindle might come in handy...but the thought of electronic books is so impersonal. I love the feel of a book in my hand and the smell of it. I'm not sure I'd ever really want a Kindle...but maybe in some cases they are handy?

  4. Its awful the things we book lovers put up with. I think we ought to be able to declare books as a medical need that we need to take 'x' amounts of. Happy travels.

  5. Yes--all of the above! A whole suitcase dedicated to books is a necessity! LOL Have a good trip :)

  6. thank you everybody!

    jeannie it is awful but when i travel for research i absolutely have a bag just for books!

    petty witter that is a fabulous idea!

    thanks lindyloumac!

    beth, i am on the fence about the kindle. it is pretty scary device as an author (the can't support myself writing because the books are sold for so little element), but pretty convenient as a traveler!

    thanks kals and vivienne!

    i am headed home to hawaii and am happy and sad and excited all at the same time!

  7. I love traveling and choosing books to take with me is always a painfully long decision. Which I think for any book lover is always a problem lol. My carry on luggage is always brimming with one too many books!

    I have an award for you here!

  8. It's always better to have a book in hand...just not the same without pages to turn and dogear. But the Kindle might be good for traveling.

  9. lol, I totally understand about wanting to take sooo many books when you travel. I think of one, take another in case I get bored of it, take another in case I get bored of THAT, and it goes on. :P Have a safe journey!


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