Wednesday, April 14, 2010


The lovely Book Quoter--who has a lovely, lovely blog and about the best photo of a sumptuous, three sided, Viennese bookshelf I have ever seen, gave me two lovely awards! The Beautiful Blogger Award and The Honest Scrap Award! Or they might be the same thing? Or the Beautiful Blogger brought to you by the Honest Scrap? I used to wait all through Sesame Street to see which letter brought that day's show.

Thank you lovely Book Quoter! If you have not been to her blog--go quick! And thank you Carin who helped me with the buttons!

According to the rules I am supposed to list ten things about myself--I think? Jeannie at Pine Cottage Books--another yummy, scrummy, gorgeous blog, got this award a while back and that is what she said. So:

1. I have been a vegetarian for over two decades and before that the only meat I liked was McDonald's hamburgers, the best bite being the little pickle in the middle.
2. I live in Hawaii, eat mostly fruit but only made my first smoothie last week as I am afraid of household appliances.
3. I love hats.
4. I am a terrible driver.
5. I wear glasses but don't actually wear my glasses so the world looks like a very late Water Lily sort of Monet.
6. I do not cook anything--ever.
7. Even in the ocean I swim underwater with my eyes open.
8. I still like paintings of women in beautiful sherbet colored dresses like The Love Letter by Fragonard.
9. I am seriously superstitious and believe in kissing windows for luck and wishes.
10. I phone my mom at least twice a day every day.


  1. all I ever do is just right click on the image and then choose Save Picture As. I've got both those images on my blog as well (bottom left) if hers are protected or something. Good luck, and congrats!

  2. thank you! click. save as. i will try it now!

  3. Don't sell yourself short -- you 'cook' nachos sometimes. And you microwave a mean veggie burger.

  4. no i hand you fantastically layered cheese and tostitos and then you cook the nachos. it is a great system.

  5. Now I feel I am getting to know you :)

  6. I love this little Award rules. you get to know so much more about each other! I talk to my mom SEVERAL times a day too!

  7. oh good! glad it is not just me!

  8. Ahhhh you forgot the childhood cookie dough addiction as well as the burnt hot dogs and popcorn, which is why I believe you became a vegetarian!
    I absolutely love reading your blog. It makes me feel like I get to have a little piece of you everyday even if we don't talk for a few weeks.
    And HUGE congratulations my dear! Tell your mom I said hello!

  9. still love cookie dough--but now it is organic good for you whole food's cookie dough and doesn't taste quite as good... miss you! mama sends a big kiss back atcha! xx

  10. I think it's fantastic that you call your Mom every day--more than once! My Mom has been gone for a long time now and I miss her everyday. If we love someone, we should let them know it--and often!

    Congratulations on your lovely awards!

  11. i totally agree jeannie! thank you for the beautiful note!

  12. congratulations priya! what wonderful awards to have won! i love hearing the 10 things, too. do you still eat vegetables in pita with honey mustard??? this is making me want to pick up the phone but i have something to rush to. love you!! xoxo

  13. love veggies and honey mustard in pita! xx

  14. Congratulations on your awards! Yep, the honey-mustard combo is delicious on vegetables! Never been to Hawai, would love to one day though :-)

  15. ps. forgot to tell you that you are featured on my blog in today's
    Book Blogger Hop! ;-)


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