Saturday, February 20, 2010


Me: Did you read the pages I sent? (Keep in mind that my mom is my super wonderful, honey bunches of oats, never easy on me but extra nutritious editor).

My Mother: I really, really wanted to but the Olympic curling was on.

Me: Ummm, is it over? You could read them now...

My Mother: I would love to but the dog fell asleep on top of me and I cannot get up.

Oh dear...

17 pages written! No idea how much of that mud will stick. Her voice is showing up but then in that irritating way that voices do--leaving again, as if she has a better party to go to.

The great outline of '09-10 is still marching along. My grandmother used to say 'I'm dressed except for my dress'. I thought the outline would be like that--very structural with the writing just fitting neatly over it in a super tailored 1940's skirt suit sort of way. Not working out like that. The outline begins to wiggle and shift with the writing. I just need to trust all this research I have stuffed into my head and then let the outline wear whatever it wants to.

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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