Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Over the Moon

Yipee! People I love and cherish and miss are reading the plum bean and I had no idea. I can send out random twinkly stars and wonderful people are out there to catch them. I am a lucky lucky girl. Thank you!

So in totally unrelated news I have to come up with an author photo erm... now. Now, before I go back to Kauai where I have friends who are photographers. I vaguely remember my flatmates needing bio photos and watching them get up early and go out into the mist to have them professionally done. I also remember an author friend of mine (the Bun) getting hers professionally done.

My editor asked me if I have any snapshots that would work. Not beachy? Not messy? Not blurry? With no other people in them? Looking semi professional? Umm no. If my dear friend Matt is willing to photoshop whiten my teeth can my mom take the photo?


  1. yikes i would not know what to do! but you are beautiful and very photogenic so do not worry about it!!!! any photo will be lovely.

  2. yikes is right. just tried it for an hour with my mom and ended up looking like priya in the wild kingdom with all the animals marching through--not good! x


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