Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Copyediting and Christmas--found! But now Anticlimactic...

They don't go so well together. Christmas at our house means fires and chocolate and board games and books and animals and movies and family and friends and more chocolate and then dinner and it all makes one so... sleepy. But no! Must finish! And so I have been waking up after falling asleep in the living room, dining room, den or kitchen (tricky but can definitely be done), at one, two or three a.m. getting into bed with my gigantic stack of pages and editing. Not my most productive time of day to work it must be said.

But I have done it! Five hundred and ten pages later the "To Do" stack is gone and the "Done" stack is enormous. Unfortunately I do not trust myself and cannot remember half of what I did, undid or should have done and so I am going back over all five hundred and ten pages. My dog, who is under a blanket under the manuscript is very pleased as he does not want me to get out of my pajamas, get up from this chair or go out of the house. This dog inspires a terrible brand of multiple days in pajamas type laziness. That is totally appropriate for today as I was up for most of the night (my own fault as I wanted to watch All About Eve with my mom--unfortunately watching Bette Davis makes me want to write everything in a Bette Davis voice--not good for the 17th century).

But now it is done-ish. Unless I check it over one more time. To do:510 pages. Done:0 pages. Happy dog, happy dog, who's a happy dog?


  1. So great Priya!! Congratulations-ish! And in some sick and twisted way, that first paragraph all about not being motivated to work and falling asleep in various rooms of the house at 1, 2, and 3am, was very very inspiring to me. That feeling of loss of time, even over the mundane task of editing has got to feel so good in the end. Love reading your ongoing journey!

  2. Thank you! Thank you!! It is 330 am and I am tinkering with the Author's Note--the very end! Sure that I am writing gibberish and will have to rework it all in the morning. Writing it with Sex and the City on in the background cannot be helping either. xx

  3. ps: thank you for being so wonderfully supportive. it means the world to me! xx


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