Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Giant Limb

Ok, I am taking a huge risk here because no one might answer and then I will feel silly but who is reading the plum bean? I think I will just periodically throw this question out there and see if anyone responds. I think that is called scattering your risk?

I have gotten lovely, encouraging messages from everyone from: wonderful lower/middle/highschool friends to college friends to London friends to Hawaii friends to vagina friends (Vagina Monologues and VDAY, just to be clear) to family friends to my brother and sister's incredible supportive friends to my super students but it is all in my email and facebook or on the phone and not here. And then I signed up for a sitemeter thing and it told me in no uncertain terms that no one, ever, has been to the plum bean. of course i might have set it up wrong and i have definitely lost the password...

I totally understand the read but do not comment thing as I have left a grand total of three comments on the blogs of other writers (even though my New Year's resolution was to leave comments on the blogs of other writers). Those were three hard won comments as well, each with an average of four false starts.

Nathan Bransford has a super helpful, informative blog that covers everything from how to write a query letter to the current landscape of publishing. It has saved my bacon on a number of occasions and I have recommended his marvelous blog to everyone, and yet I cannot work up the oomph to leave a note and thank him. I will let you know as soon as I locate the oomph to thank him.

But I am just curious... who is out there?


  1. Me me!! I read and very much enjoy it.
    Jenny (Hines) Stathakis

  2. jenny! thank you! i had no idea you reading it! xop

  3. Me, too. But usually through Google Reader, so maybe I don't get counted??
    (Ruth G.)

  4. Priya, I totally know what you mean about throwing it out and wondering if anyone's there - but this is an awesome project and it's great you're doing it - KEEP GOING! (it's really handy when you post update links on FaceBook - acts as a good reminder...) x x x

  5. thank you sweetie! i have a link on mine to your blog. your blog was actually the thing that gave me the push to do this! i will put it on facebook! xoxp

  6. Don't forget about me! Your biggest fan! This is really a wonderful project just like you.

  7. I read it honeybunch,

    Dan Johnston in London aged 32. Hobbies: watching football and writing comedy.

  8. daniel! i have missed you! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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