Thursday, August 19, 2010


So, I haven't written in a bit.  It was part dislocation, part disorganization and part sheepishness.  I still haven't left.  It is terrible.  I am two oceans and a continent away from where I need to be.  My family has a penchant for changing tickets, but even by their standards this is impressive.  I am working on it.

It has been a strange fly went by few weeks.  At the eleventh hour, I got sick, couldn't get onto the plane, moved out of my house because it was rented to vacationers because I was supposed to get on the plane, moved to my bedroom in my hanai family's house (in Hawaii you have your blood family and the the concentric circles of hanai family that are like real family--aunties, uncles, nieces, nephews--I love it), moved one too many boxes and got sicker, missed the next flight, and am now working on getting another one.  Disaster.

Everything is being thrown for a hula loop.  The very sweet, super lovely estate agent Alex in London, who I speak to regularly at three am because of the time difference, called my house, spoke to the renters at three am, worried where I was and why I had not gotten on the plane and sent me a concerned email.  My angelic friend Adriana had her birthday in London and I missed it and my friend Sadie repeatedly called my UK mobile thinking I was in London and then worried that I might be ignoring her--disaster.

On the upside I am staying in my bedroom at a lovely house called Summerbreak, it has been a gorgeous string of hot, blue breeze days and I am still reading Pat Conroy.  Not all bad...


  1. Oh, Priya - I hope you're feeling better! I agree, it's horrible to be all out of sorts, living out of a bag and feeling displaced! Hopefully you arrive in London soon.

    Although anywhere called "Summerbreak" sounds pretty fantastic! :)


  2. Hope you better soon.

    And when you do take off for London, hope that you make it safe and sound without any sickness bout.

  3. There you are! And here I was convinced you were too busy unpacking to post! How funny and sweet that you feel so sheepish! Having never changed a flight in my life, I am fascinated by your family's making something of a habit of it. But travelling when you're sick is a terrible idea and well avoided if avoidance is possible, so I think well done on that front - and on scoring a final streak of perfect island conditions. That would delay my departure too - especially knowing London weather's waiting at the other end (ugh).

    Get well, Priya - you'll know when it's really time to go.

  4. Betwixt and Between one way of life and another. Sorry to hear you have been unwell.

  5.'re still in the States...well I know you really didn't want to leave Hawaii, maybe your body is rebelling! Sorry to hear you were ill though, hope things are better now. When you get to London, how long will you be there?

  6. I'm so happy to read this post - I was wondering where you were! I'm so sorry for your illness and hope you are healthy soon.

    Travel safe, when you are ready and can made arrangements. Hugs!

  7. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear you're ill, I hope you feel better soon and are able to travel, though the weather sounds a lot nicer where you are than here in London... All the best, a quick recovery and Love from London xo

  8. Good luck getting here sooner rather than later. (= London awaits your arrival.

    Alex (the very sweet, super lovely estate agent) - I think I may add this to my business card...


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