Friday, August 6, 2010

Hopping Fridays

I have not hopped in ages.  It isn't that I forgot about it, but I sort of misplaced, mistimed it in the last few months.  I think it migrated and got more Thursday eveningish instead of Friday morningish and then I came  back to Hawaii and everyone else's Thursday evening became my Thursday mid-afternoon.  Mid afternoon usually found me taking a cat nap at the beach to get over my jet lag.  Tricky.

But now I have rediscovered the delightful, busy, populated roller derby hop!  It is like that feeling of finding a dress that I love in the back of my closet behind the winter coat that makes me look like a sausage.  I love that feeling!


  1. Hi Priya! Visiting your blog through the hop. I read some of your previous posts and love your blog. And congrats on your book being published. Very exciting! Can't wait to read more.

  2. Well Priya put on that sparkling sari and let's trip the light fantastic over at Connaught Place in Delhi! Better yet the white elephants will await our magical rides among the palatial Gujurarti grounds with the scent of patchouli permeating through the air. Ahhhhh.... listening to Asha Bosle... can't beat that!
    Weekend in the most beautiful place in the world. Have a relaxing time and keep smiling :)

  3. Unless you're putting the dress back to wear the winter sausage...

    Priya, I hope you're have a great time cat-napping on the beach.

  4. Hello, just stopping by from the hop. I like the look of your blog. Have a good weekend.

  5. Hi...I found you through Blog Hop Friday (my first time) and I like your blog...that is great news about your book...good luck with it!

    Please stop by if you have a chance.

  6. Welcome back to the blog hopping world haha. I just found your blog through the blog hop and I'm definitely looking forward to reading your posts. Hope you have a good weekend!

  7. Hi Priya,

    Just stopping by on my first Book Blogger Hop. I just read through some of your entries, and I really like your blog, so I decided to become a follower. Congrats on the publication of your book! Best of luck to you!

    Reese M. (Bibliophile Girl)


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