Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Long Lost Award

I found an award! The lovely Book Quoter gave me The Prêmio Dardos award a few weeks ago and in all the chaos of coming home I managed to lose it. I just rediscovered it. Sometimes when I can't think what to write I go prowling through old posts, reading comments, hunting for a spark, a thread, a pebble, a path, a cottage in the glen. But today, poof: an award. It was like finding a curly beribboned, polka dot wrapped present on my doorstep this morning. How very lovely.

So (I copied this from the Book Quoter's wonderful blog which you must go and visit immediately if you have never been),

"The Prêmio Dardos is a way to acknowledge the importance of bloggers committed with spreading cultural, ethical, literary and personal values, showing their thoughts are alive through their letters and words."

Not sure I deserve it straight after I write a post about my nasty eavesdropping habit but nevermind, on we go. Thank you lovely Book Quoter for thinking of me.

The Book Quoter passed the award on to fifteen blogs and so I shall follow in happy suit. If it is alright I will divide the spoils into thirds and only pass it on to five today--is that allowed? No idea.

So, the First Third:

doctordi at http://doctordi.wordpress.com/. Her wonderful writing is saucy and true and full of fun. Be careful, her writing is addicting!

Mari at http://www.bookwormwithaview.com/. She is amazingly a writing, reviewing, reading, marathoning mom with an exceptionally lovely narrative voice. Anyone who can run that much, read that much and write that well will quickly get my attention.

Mademoiselle Poirot at http://mademoiselle-poirot.blogspot.com/. A daily must for me. Her sumptuous blend of Paris and London style and gorgeous photos are a wrapped in toile, lit by sunlight, perfumed with honeysuckle and macaroons moment for me.

Kathy at http://kathylovestoread.blogspot.com/. She collects new words and enjoys books in a down to the bone, draw out every drop sort of way. I love that.

Kals at http://atpemberley.blogspot.com/. I know I have mentioned this before but a weekly dose of Tagore? Genius. Plus a beautiful, sensitive way of moving through books and bring readers along for the ride. Can't beat that.

Thank you again to the lovely, generous, present bearing, Book Quoter.


  1. Thank you so much Priya and Congrats! This is a lovely award and I'm so honoured you passed it on to me.

    I love your descriptions for every blog you award. It gives a wonderful intro that every person searching for a new blog to follow would appreciate :)

    I shall post this week's Tagore poem later in the day :)

  2. Oh mon dieu! Priya, I don't really know what to say... This award coming from you is really special to me and I so appreciate it. Thank you!

    Your description of my blog is just amazing and so much more poetic than I perceive it myself - though I'm not complaining ;-) You don't mind if I put your description on my sidebar?

    If it's ok with you I will have to wait with the "passing on of the award" until I get back from my (well deserved I think) break. I'm leaving tomorrow, so won't have the time to pass the honour on by then, sorry.

    I'll definitely have a look at all the other blogs too, your description is just intriguing and I do like blogs about books / writings / authors etc.

    Thanks again and (if I may say so) your blog is always a joy and your writing is so alive...Lots of Love from London, Carole x

  3. Priya, you won't believe this, but reading your post set off a little alarm in my brain--would you believe I did the same darn thing!

  4. kals, you are so welcome! i can't wait for the next poem!

    carole, a break sounds lovely! i am so flattered you want to use the description! that is a lovely thing to say about my writing--thank you. xx

    bibliophiliac, it is like finding money in the pocket of your jeans isn't it?

  5. Thank you so much for the award! Your description of my blog made me giggle, because it strikes me as a much nicer way of putting what my husband always tells me--which is, that I overanalyze everything. From now on I will just remind him I am collecting every last drop of enjoyment from life! ;)

  6. kathy, definitely tell him that as, at least from the way you write, it seems to be wonderfully true!

  7. Priya, you really are an angel at my writing table. I've felt so disheartened in the past 24 hours that this notice has literally made tears spring to my eyes. I'm choking a bit on my Pfeffernusse ginger cookies because I'm sort of crying and shoving them in at the same time...

    What - WHAT? - did writers do for support before the World Writers' Web? Thank you, truly.

  8. you are so lovely and so very very welcome! xx

  9. Oh my - thank you so much! I have had my laptop opened to your website for almost two days and am finally finding time to write and say hello :).


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